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Bulk Reef Supples (BRS)

Sustainable Marine Canada

The aquarium hobby has grown in leaps and bounds and has now reached a point where we all have the choice to move it forward in a responsible manner. We have a voice in the world and must push for corals that are aqua cultured, maricultured, sustainably collected or fragged from other hobbyists. We have a voice in changing the collection habits of those who supply our hobby with aquarium fish and can help dictate how they treated and collected. We can choose a hobby that regulates itself and must place an expectation on the industry and governments that sustainability be a top concern and that accurate data is a necessity for everyone from the hobbyist right through to the collectors in countries that depend on the trade for an living.
Sustainable Marine Canada was created with this goal in mind. We at SMC do not claim to be subject matter experts on this topic, but we are learning all the time. In doing so we hope to share that knowledge with you so that you can in turn share it with others too. We have learned enough that to do our part in the world and to promote the healthy continuation of this hobby, this site was born.

Bulk Reef Supplies

Bulk Reef Supply wants to be the go-to resource for saltwater aquarium supplies and expertise. We stock only the brands and products we, as aquarists, use and trust. If a product does not meet our strict standards, we create it – Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Systems, Aquarium Supplements like Calcium Chloride, Alkalinity and Magnesium, ROX 0.8 Carbon and more.

Based in Minnesota, Bulk Reef Supply was started in 2007 by two friends, Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman, who were seeking a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. Ryan, a reef hobbyist, was tired of adding numerous foods to his tank to properly feed his corals. Through trial and research, he created a well-balanced, affordable and easy solution. BRS Reef Chili Coral Food provided reefers with ONE food source to keep all the corals and fish healthy and colorful. More quality products were added like high purity BRS Aquarium Additives and Filtration Media as well as our Reverse Osmosis/Deionization water filtration systems. We found our passion for reefing in an e-commerce platform and haven’t looked back. Today, we still believe in selling quality products at affordable prices. We want to make it easy to set up a saltwater aquarium through the products we stock and the expertise you receive from our customer service representatives.

Sustainable Marine Canada



We are a full service Reef Aquarium shop that is driven by our love of this hobby! Due to our renowned customer service, quality supplies and incredibly competitive prices, has quickly become a leading force in the online reef market in Canada.

BIGShow Frags

BIGShow Frags feature Corals, Fish, Inverts, Dry Goods.

Guarantee all of our livestock to arrive alive.


BIGShow Frags

Red Sea

Red Sea

Since its inception over 25 years ago, Red Sea’s vision has been to create a world in which marine and reef aquariums are the aquariums of choice for all hobbyists. This passion has guided the company throughout its product development and design.


Red Sea is committed to providing complete reef solutions, allowing hobbyists like you, to focus on the beauty of your reef inhabitants rather than worry about water chemistry or the suitability and compatibility of aquarium equipment.


Fluval is a world leader in quality aquatic products. Fish-hobbyists everywhere have depended on Fluval’s reliable technology and great design for over 35 years.

Fluval has built its reputation by developing technically advanced, innovative products that are easy to use, durable, and convenient. Without Fluval innovations the world’s aquariums would be far less inspiring.

Fluval’s pioneering spirit and commitment to technology and design are also reflected in its wide product range, from the technically advanced Fluval G Series Filters to stylish yet practical aquariums, including Fluval Edge, Chi, Profile, and Studio.


Reef Wholesale

Reef Wholesale

Wholesale Reef supplies

Aquatic Log

An online aquatic diary that is simple and feature rich.

Aquatic Log

Total Aquatics

Total Aquatics

Total Aquatics is located in downtown of the beautiful and historic city of Greater Napanee, Ont. What makes this store special is the passion that this amazing family team brings to the store on a daily basis.

Doug White started breeding guppies in 1968 and won many world champions awards in CAOAC and IFGA shows. His love for the hobby was passed along to his son and one of current owners of Total Aquatics, Derek White. Derek has turned this 1500 square foot store into a success since they first opened the store three years ago. Derek’s love and passion shows in his work and maintenance business (Aquatic Edge) that he has successfully launched and grown in the past six years. The goal was to create a store that would offer only the best customer service and product selection to build up a happy and loyal customer base. The main focus in the store today is aquatics and reptiles, making the animal’s welfare their first priority. Happy and healthy pets always make great pets.

Total Aquatics takes great pride in being family owned and offering the best service to their loyal customers while offering the highest quality of dry good products. Due to this high level of customer service that is provided to each and every customer on a daily basis, many clients drive long distances to show their appreciation and support. This store offers a full variety of feeder rodents and fish foods both live and frozen. There is also a variety of live animals including reptiles, small animals, and fish. Separating this store from many others is the wide selection of dry goods products that caters to all fish and reptile hobbyists from beginners to experts alike.


Canadian Aquatic Feed Inc.  is the first Canadian manufacturer of premium quality aquatic food pellets for ornamental fish.

The founder Darius Chodocinskas has been an aquatic specialist for over 30 years. Throughout his career Darius has experimented with many different feeding formulas but was never satisfied with certain ingredients (fillers, hormone and pigment). He then decided to create NorthFin™, the first premium fish feed that consist with high quality easily digestible ingredients and is completely 100% filler, artificial hormone/ pigment free. Since then Canadian Aquatic Feed Inc. NorthFin™  products has set a new standard in the aquatic food industry.


Aquatic Kingdom

Aquatic Kingdom

Aquatic Kingdom is the premier aquarium store in the Mississauga and Toronto area. We provide a full product line to support all your freshwater and marine aquarium needs. Our coral collection is considered the best selection with 8 raceways filled with frags and mother colonies. In addition we have a 3000sft garden center where our select grade KOI and pond plants are sold in the summer.

Aquatic Kingdom provides free consultation for Reef aquarium and Pond construction. Come and see us with your dream and we will help you make it reality! Use our experience and learn to build your project the right way.

Aquatic Kingdom is also sole Canadian distributor for Waveline, RLSS products, LUMINI Led, AquaMaster fish food and KLEAR custom aquarium.  For complete wholesale price list for dry goods and live stock, please contact Daniel Nguyen.

Store Hours

Monday to Friday
10 am to 8 pm
Saturday to Sunday
10 am to 6 pm

Canada Copepods

Canada Copepods is committed to providing the freshest sustainably aquacultured live foods for your reef. Our cultures our kept sterile and have never come into contact with water from a live reef system. Fresh live food, saltwater and phytoplankton are all you will ever receive in your bottles, there is no need to worry about contamination or illness.

We ship across Canada through the year, there is no temperature too cold for our foods to withstand shipping. If your copepods arrive in stasis, slowly acclimate them to room temperature before adding them to the tank. We ship so as to ensure our products spend as little time in shipping as possible, sending all packages so that shipping is guaranteed for two days later. This means we do not ship on or after Thursdays to ensure the product does not stay in a postal facility over the weekend. We ship through Canada Post and USPS, please contact us for an exact quote for large orders.

Canada Copepods is located in Toronto, Ontario. Our facilities are in mid-town Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton, and pick-ups can be made by appointment.

Canada Copepods

GTA Reef

Coral Reef Shop

The Coral Reef Shop

The Coral Reef Shop promotes responsible reef keeping and is concerned with sustaining natural reefs. We only deal with reputable exporters who also share our values. In addition to wild coral and fish, we also stock aquaculture & mariculture corals and captive bred fish.

JT Custom Acrylics

Dream it. Draw it. We build it.

JT Custom acrylics started out building aquarium supplies and related products. Sumps, brackets, frag holders, and anything else that someone needed a custom fit. Every tank owner has their own dream tank. Why not ‘dream it, draw it, I build it’. With custom aquarium covers, sumps and brackets, it will truly be your tank the way you want it.

JT Custom Acrylics

Community Supporters

Reef Ontario

Reef Ontario is owned and operated by a young hobbyist named Zack Brideau. Through speaking at many Aquarium Seminars, Zack was encouraged to start up his own Fish Store.

Reef Ontario believes in providing fair prices for top quality livestock. With over 200 gallons of water volume for housing fish, corals and other invertebrates, Reef Ontario is sure to have variety in stock at all times!

As Reef Ontario continues to grow and expand, we will be offering Quarantined fish through a procedure of Hypo-salinity and Praziquantel to treat for Marine Ich and Flukes.

Reef Addiction

Reef Ontario


Reef Addiction

 I have been in the aquarium hobby for almost 20 years. It has always been a passion of mine. My goal is to meet, and help fellow aquarists be as successful as possible so they can enjoy the hobby as much as I do. Currently we provide routine maintenance for a number of clients in the Durham Region. We’ve also been involved in a number of new builds and designs along with some freshwater conversion projects.

Kraken’s Cove – Corals & Aquatics was founded in November 2014. What started as 3 fellow marine hobbyists sharing corals that they were growing out, quickly became a small hobbyist level home based business. By mid 2015 we had built up enough of a client base that we found ourselves securing livestock & dry good suppliers in order to meet the demands of our fellow reefers. Around the same time we also started offering saltwater aquarium tank maintenance/move/teardown/transport/ setup options.

Combined, we share nearly 30 years experience and have FIRST HAND knowledge caring for thousands of corals and hundreds of marine fish.

We currently allow the public in to shop by appointment and also ship Canada wide. We are available via Facebook messenger (Or through the frag tank forum)MOST of the time to answer questions from hobbyists.

We enjoy dedicating a large portion of our time to helping other hobbyists learn by sharing our experiences, as well as assisting with troubleshooting and testing their systems and parameters.


Location: 371 Alberta St. Welland, ON.

Shipping: Canada-wide

Availability: By Appointment

Phone (cell): 905 736 2683



Kraken Cove

Mail Order Pet Supplies - MOPS

Mail Order Pet Supplies – MOPS

Mail Order Pet Supplies (or MOPS as we’re often referred to) was created in 1996 with the objective of delivering affordable prices to Tropical Fish Hobbyists! Over the years we have used our warehousing, logistic and electronic capabilities to bring pond, reptile, bird and other pet products to our customers. Through MOPS – Aquarium Supplies we are offering high-quality, brand name Aquarium products including filters, heaters, pumps, lighting, nutrition and much more for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist.


FragCave is run by Alex Alzate and was setup to provide the Reefer Hobbyist access to vibrant, healthy and reasonably priced coral frags in Canada.

Why choose FragCave?

We are passionate about helping the Reefer Hobbiyst grow their reef one coral frag at a time. Our mission is provide the Hobbiyst access to vibrant, healthy and reasonably priced frags. We actively promote coral frags that are properly healed as we do not frag a coral and sell it immediately, which we think is best for our clients.

Here is my story of how FragCave came to be.

I started my interest in Corals in 2008 as a Reefer Hobbyist. I had never had a saltwater tank before but I was very keen and perhaps a bit naive… hard could it be?

It was a slow and steady process setting up my first reef tank. I bought and traded both full grown corals and frags from local hobbyists and stores in Toronto.

Since 2010, I set about transforming my passion into a business. This website is our outlet for displaying available coral frags and supplies for the Reefer Hobbyist within Canada, operating out of Toronto, Ontario.

I decided early on to operate under a service model and not a sales model. We only promote well healed coral frags – we do not frag a coral and sell it immediately. Which we think is best for our clients. For orders minimum $50 CAD (before HST) we provide free delivery within the Greater Toronto Area or welcome our clients to visit us personally.

I know the that the only way we can continue to build the business is to keep our clients happy. The number of positive client comments on this site is a reflection of our service.

This is how I like to do business and I know there are others who appreciate it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Alex Alzate

Founder FragCave.


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