Annual Auction

Procedures for the Auction


MAST Annual Auction Pre-Registration


  • Send an email no later then 10 pm, 6 Apr, Monday night to info[at] , Subject Line: “AUCTION ITEMS TO SELL”, with the following information:

    a. Your MAST Membership Number (if you are just joining MAST, state that, and you will be assigned a MAST Membership Number)

    b. The name of the item(s) to be sold with a small description of each.


  • You will receive an email with your auction ID Numbers. Using either a waterproof marker or sticker/masking tape, label each item you are selling with its ID Number.


  • Print and complete this AUCTION SELLERS SHEET for ALL items. For each item you are selling. Please bring one completed Item sheet per item with you to the meeting.


  • At 7 pm (note the early arrival time for sellers) on Wednesday night (Auction night), bring the Auction Sheet(s) and your items to be sold to the MAST meeting and have your membership card available. Items and Auction Sheets will be checked at the door.
  • Any leaky bags will be rebagged for $1 fee to the seller.


We will be taking new memberships the night of the auction.


The night of the auction, registration starts at 7pm. Jon will be stationed at the first door registering items to be sold. No non-sellers will be allowed into the room until 7:30pm.

Chris will be taking new memberships and non-members $5 entry fee in the hallway. Current members will go to the second door to receive their plate for the auction.


The auction will start after all items are registered and placed on tables for everyone to see.


Rene` is planning on being our auctioneer and will keep items moving. If we don’t get a bid on an item, it will be put on the “Silent Auction” table where people can bid silently by putting their number on the sheet.


When an item is sold, it will be put on the sold table monitored by Fred who will keep things organized by buyer. All items will stay on the sold until paid for—a receipt will be given to the buyer with the item numbers on it and Fred and his helper will release the items.


At the end of the auction, Jon will rearrange the tables at the front and when he and Chris are ready, they will start to finalize all transactions—Jon will verify the item a seller/buyer has bought/sold and give the amount to Chris. Chris will pay the difference owed to the sellers (sellers receive 70% of the price with MAST receiving 30%). The buyers will pay for the items and the receive two copies of the receipt marked “PAID”. (NOTE: We do take credit cards.)


Take your “PAID” receipt to the table the items are on and give one copy to Fred and he will give you your items.


I want to thank everyone in advance for their patience and attending this awesome event.


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